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ShipRight Procedures
  Approval of Installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems on LR Classed Ships, September 2017  08/09/2017
  Primary Structure of Membrane Tank LNG Ships, Guidance on Direct Assessment, October 2013.pdf  03/08/2017
  FDA Container Ships - Trading Patterns  03/08/2017
  Comparative Sloshing Assessment of LNG Ship Containment Systems, April 2005  03/08/2017
  ShipRight ADP Guidance Notes for ShipRight SDA Buckling Assessment August 2017  03/08/2017
  ShipRight FDA Procedure - Application and Notations, June 2017  20/06/2017
Lloyd's Register Guidance Information
  Guidance Notes for Special Consideration Process for Materials Applications, July 2017  19/07/2017
  Procedure for Network and Network-related devices  11/09/2017