Exhibition Of Records (EOR)

Should a potential buyer want access to Class Direct for a ship you own/manage, to see the survey status and history of the vessel, then, given the owner's written permission, we can give them access to just that ship for a limited period, usually two weeks unless specified.  If the owner/manager specify that a limited period of less than 2 weeks is required and an extension is subsequently requested; this may incur a further small administrative charge.

It is stressed that this would ONLY happen with your permission.  If they asked us, they would be asked to get written permission from the owner. This is known as Exibition Of Records, for which there is a small charge.  Extension to the expiry of the account may incur a further small administration charge.

The process is as follows:


  • Selling party contacts LR providing permission (Sent to eor@lr.org) for EOR in the following format:

    'We (Owners/Managers) authorise (viewing company name) to inspect the Electronic Class Records of (Vessel name and IMO number) online using temporary Exhibition of Records account.

    We accept that use of such an account will enable the viewing party to take screen prints of the available information.

    We agree / we do not agree (delete as appropriate) to Lloyd’ Register providing a copy of latest Thickness Measurement report to the viewing client.

    Fees to be met by the authorised viewing party.

    Full Details and location of viewing party:-

  • LR EOR Administrator will create an EOR account (usually valid for 2 weeks unless specified.)

Request for Infornation

  • Request for access to Information must be completed/signed and returned to the viewing parties LR Client Facing Office (CFO) who will levy the approriate fees before login details for the new account are provided.

  • Login window
  • Login provided to the buying party, providing access to the subject vessel(s) for a limited period.  Thickness Measurement report will also be provided if requested and authorised by the selling party.