Class Direct App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Why aren’t the other features of Class Direct (Web) such as Country Files, Approvals, etc included in the App?

The current Class Direct app is a” lite” version of Class Direct,  and was designed specifically to meet the requirements based on an initial round of requirements analysis.  However, we are currently evaluating suggestions for a possible next major release of the app, and welcome all input. Please use the “Feedback” function in the app if you have any suggestions on features to make the app more useful for you.

What is the minimum requirement to run the Class Direct app?

Either iOS 5 or Android 2.3.

Clear Android app data and cache

Are you having trouble with the Class Direct app for Android?  If you have recently updated to version 1.1 and are unable to login then you may need to clear the app’s cache.

1.      Navigate to device’s Settings Menu (aka System Settings)

2.     Choose Application Manager (aka Apps)

3.     Choose Class Direct App

4.     Tap Force Stop

5.     Tap Clear Cache

6.     Tap Clear Data

7.     You should now be able to login in to the app


I signed up for a new account today, why can’t I log in on my mobile device, only on the web?

There can be a delay (Currently up to 24 hours) before your account details are replicated for use on the app.

Can I search for a particular vessel?

There is a search function, accessed using the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of the screen.  

When I search for a vessel with a 2 word name it fails.

This issue has been rectified (from version 1.0.1 and later).  It may be that you have an early release and do not have the latest version on your device.  Please check for updates. A single word or IMO number search will still work effectively.

My company has a large Fleet, but I’m only responsible for some of the vessels.  Can I prioritise these ships?

The Class Direct App has a “Favourites” feature called “My Vessels”.  Simply press the star in the top right or the screen when viewing a vessel.  The star will then change colour and the vessel will be added to your “My Vessels”  list. (Accessed via the star on the bottom of the screen.)  To remove a vessel from your favourites list, deselect it using the star button.

Which operating Systems are supported? Why not Windows &  Blackberry?Android phone

Class Direct app was developed using Oracle ADF Mobile – a “hybrid” tool (develop once, deploy to multiple), where OS supportability is out of LR’s control.  Oracle ADF Mobile currently only supports Android and iOS (covering 93%+ of the market).   From informal discussions with Oracle in 2013, we understand they are monitoring the Smartphone/Tablet market to decide on the next supported device (Windows or Blackberry (RIM)).     More information on Oracle ADF Mobile is at