Learn about Class Direct

Class Direct is a free service for owners and managers of Lloyd's Register classed ships, providing secure access to a wealth of data about ships in your fleet. Here is an overview of some of its features.

Fleet summary
For a high-level overview of your fleet, the Fleet Summary page uses a traffic light system to provide an immediate picture of the survey status for each Lloyds Register classed ship.

Survey planner
The Survey Planner screen shows all the surveys due over a five-year period enabling you to plan ahead and schedule your vessel downtime at the most opportune moment. Then, once you have decided on the most convenient time and place for your surveys, you can book them online using an electronic order form. Our nearest office to your port of call will confirm attendance.

In preparation for the actual survey, you can download the master lists of items to be surveyed and any applicable checklists. You can review the records of previous surveys, memoranda items, and any outstanding conditions of class.

Single reference point
Class Direct gives you immediate access to the historical information on your ships, removing the need to maintain local copies of survey reports and helping you comply with ISO quality and ISM requirements.

It is also possible to order customised reports of the classification status of an individual ship, group of ships or complete fleet, which can be sent to an email address of your choice vital when it is not practical to browse online.